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To make it possible for our website visitors to navigate through our pages easily, we have divided our site map into categories. This will also allow for expansion as our site grows and we continue to add more resources.


  • About Us
    Some of the founders of the Northern Timber Cruisers Snowmobile Club.

  • Area Information
    Some of the most stunning winter scenery in the state lies here in the Katahdin Area.  Located just off Interstate 95 we have hundreds of miles of groomed trails, sled rentals, and comfortable accommodations and trailside restaurants.

  • Bob Bernier
    Bob was a strong supporter of the snowmobiling program in the Katahdin Region and displayed that support through his position as a Millinocket Town Councilor.

  • Bob Mattall
    Bob Mattall, "Whitewater" as he was known to many, enjoyed the outdoors and particularly enjoyed canoeing the East Branch River with his good friend Greg. Bob also enjoyed snowmobiling with his friends in the Kellog Mountain, Sandy Stream and Katahdin Lake country.

  • Bridge Across Millinocket Stream
    It was in February of 1991 when Georgia Pacific Corporation of Millinocket, Maine notified the Northern Timber Cruisers Snowmobile Club that the Stacyville Road section of I.T.S. 86 from the clubhouse to Whetstone Falls Bridge would not be available for snowmobile travel for the next 7 to 10 years due to logging operations in that area.

  • Business Members
    On this page you will find a list of supporting businesses in the Millinocket area.

  • Charles Sanders
    Sanders was was an avid supporter of the snowmobiling program as well as the Northern Timber Cruisers Snowmobile Club while in his 20 year tenure as a Millinocket Town Councilor and as a resident of the community.

  • Contact Us
    Use the form below or use this link to tell us what you think about our web site, our area, trails, or anything else that comes to mind. We welcome all of your comments and suggestions.

  • Cross Country Skiing
    The Northern Timber Cruisers Cross Country Ski Club grooms and maintains over 20 miles of wilderness cross country ski trails. It is one of the few areas that provides track set trails and scenic views based on a no use fee.

  • Cross Country Ski Trail Conditions
    For the latest cross country ski trail conditions for the NTCSC and bait Hole Systems.

  • Directions To Us
    Go to the Earth Map website and find travel routes and directions to enjoy your vacation in the Millinocket area.

  • Douglas Lewis Farquhar
    Douglas worked at the Great Northern Paper Company in Millinocket for forty four years, retiring without having used any sick time.

  • Eastern Region Clubs
    A listing of Maine Snowmobile Clubs in the States eastern region.

  • Financial Impact of Snowmobiling in Millinocket, Maine
    Based on a conservative estimate of what the snowmobile sport in Millinocket does financially for this community, I have the following data to report. This study is based on the following numbers.

  • Guest Book
    Enjoy your trip to the Katahdin Region? Tell us about it by signing our guest book.

  • Hand Safety Signals
    A good review of important hand signals when you are on the trail.

  • Harold M. Boyer
    Longtime club member remembered for contributions to Northern Timber Cruisers Snowmobile Club.

  • Links
    Some great links to snowmobile resources can be found here.

  • Maine Snowmobile Registration
    This page is your source for registering your snowmobile in the state of Maine.

  • Membership
    Whether you are a resident of Maine or from another state or country, seriously consider joining a snowmobile club.

    Millinocket Trail System
    The Millinocket Trail System, although easily reached from I-95, offers miles of wilderness riding, often right from the parking lot or motel. I.T.S. 81, 83, 85, and 86 cross through the area. Combine that with local trails and the Baxter State Park perimeter road and your talking of mile and miles of great riding.

  • Photo Albums
    Check out some of these old and new Northern Timber Cruisers Photo Albums!

  • Rose Robinson Memorial Trail
    The Rose Robinson Memorial Trail was dedicated in February of 1996 with ceremonies being conducted at the Northern Timber Cruisers Club House.

  • Snow Shoeing
    If you like to hike in the Millinocket area, you'll love snowshoeing in the Bait Hole Trail System.


  • Trail Mileage Chart
    All of the mileage specifications below are approximate and may vary according to machine make and routes taken.

  • Trail Reports
    Here at the snowmobile trail report page you will find updated trail conditions for the Millinocket and and also some of the surrounding area trail reports.

  • Trail Safety
    Last year 5 people died senselessly in snowmobile accidents and another 250+ were injured. All of them could have been avoided if the operators had just followed some basic safety rules.

  • Windchill Chart
    This page is a good resource to check before venturing out on that cold blustery trip.

  • Yamaha Resources
    Resources on the internet for owners of YAMAHA snowmobiles.

  • Yamaha RX-1
    Introducing the all-new RX-1. The first snowmobile designed specifically around a race-bred, high-performance four-stroke engine with more than 145 hp, the Genesis Extreme.



  • Museum
    The Northern Timber Cruisers Antique Snowmobile Museum is located adjacent to the clubhouse and currently contains 36 antique snowmobiles. It is probably one of the largest collections of "old iron" in the Northeast.

  • Museum Dream
    Millinocket - Last week, with the pouring of a foundation, a long time dream of Steve Campbell and the Northern Timber Cruisers Snowmobile Club of Millinocket began emerging as a reality.

  • Feb. 2001 Antique Show
    This collection of antique snowmobile photos is from the Northern Timber Cruisers February 2001 show. The annual event was held at the Timber Cruisers Clubhouse in Millinocket, Maine during school vacation and preceded the annual antique trip.



Snowmobile Feature Articles


  • The Quest to Conquer Winter 1913-1957

    "The first snowmobile race was held the day they made the second snowmobile." Anonymous

    In 1913, Virgil D. White, a Ford automobile dealer in West Ossipee, New Hampshire, invented a caterpillar-type tracked unit which could be mounted to the rear axle of a Ford car, along with a set of skis for the front end, complete with independent suspension arms.


  • The Very First Race 1958-1960


    They unloaded their machines once again on Grace Lake to show how well they would work compared to the sled dog teams. Driving around the lake, the natural urge to test one machine against another got the best of the snowmobilers.


  • The Brandy Bottle Classic 1960-1961

    At the starting line were Lionel Bellile, Ron Strum, Fred Gates, Mike Taylor and Herman Lassig. Lassig had a fast new nine-horsepower model—the most powerful Bombardier Ski-Doo available. One of the estimated 1,000 curiosity-seekers who had gathered to watch stepped forward, waved his arm and the five Ski-Doos roared off on a round-trip race around an island a half-mile away.


  • The Start of Something Different 1961-1962

    The all-new line of snowmobiles for model year 1962 was introduced quietly. There was no trade show, There were no snowmobile magazines. There wasn't much room to talk about or show a new snowmobile in a one-inch advertisement in Outdoor Life.


  • Snowmobile Boom Begins 1962-1963

    During the late summer days prior to the winter of 1962-63, Edgar Hetteen's patience was growing as short as the four-hour nights he slept. He was financially strapped, working two full shifts in the plant and trying to run an office, too.


  • A 2000 Sled Odyssey
    "I say odd, because when you stop to think about it, it has to seem pretty strange to the modern day snowmobilers, or anyone else for that matter, that a group of men would climb on 36 year old iron and expect it to get them into the North Maine Woods and back."

  • Allagash 85 by Steve Campbell
    “I guess there is something to be said for the engineering and workmanship of these earlier machines. As crude as they were in the formative years, they worked due to the perseverance and forethought of the pioneers that were building them and using them. These pioneers are the people who I would like to dedicate this trip and this story to - the individuals that made the sport of snowmobiling what it is today. The reason I organized this trip was to recognize these people, the history of snowmobiling, and especially to my father, E.B. Campbell.”

  • Iron Dog Promotions
    The Grandfather of Snowmobiling.

  • A Little History of Snowmobiling
    he history of the modern day recreational snowmobile is fairly recent, however, over the snow travel goes back many years.

  • Bombardier R12 Muskeag
    The Bombardier R-12 (12 for 12 passenger) was discovered in a field in the town of Milford just outside of Old Town in rhetoric condition.

  • Antique Run of '88
    The Antique Run of '88 was complete, but will live in our memories forever.

  • Allagash '85 by C.J. Ramstead
    The E.B. Campbell Memorial Snowmobile Run. One of snowmobilings truly great pioneers was the late E.B. Campbell of Millinocket.

  • Maine Attraction
    Reliving The Trail-Blazing days In Maine's Allagash Wilderness -  Reprinted from Snow Goer Magazine of November 1984.

  • Party Time in Roseau
    Polaris Industries celebrated its 45-years of existence by throwing a birthday party bash on June 18 & 19, 1999 at the original Polaris HQ in Roseau, Minnesota.

  • Rose Robinson Memorial Trail
    The Northern Timber Cruisers dedicates trail in name of lady snowmobile enthusiast.

  • Winter Trek on Mt. Katahdin
    See spectacular photos of winter scenery atop Mt. Katahdin.
  • Economic Impact of Snowmobiling in Maine
    Take a gander at an interesting article as to what snowmobiling brings to Maine. Before reading take your best guess what snow means to the state of Maine. And to Millinocket!


  • Northern Timber Cruisers and Pioneer Hose Company 
    donate Rescue Boggan
    Organizations increase emergency services protection for area snowmobilers.

  • The Tucker SnoCat Purchase
    How it all began in the Katahdin Area.


    Re-printed from the Katahdin Times
  • Sportsman Packs Fishing Gear for the Allagash
    Reprinted from the Portland Press Herald February 21, 1962

  • Tucker SnoCat Purchase
    It was in June of 1988 when the Northern Timber Cruisers Snowmobile Club came to grips with reality that the club would have to discontinue trail grooming and maintenance of 138 miles of snowmobile trails due to a lack of feasible equipment and a lack of financial funding.

  • Maine Attraction
    It was a celebration, a birthday party, and a grand reunion all rolled into one weekend at Millinocket, Maine last February called the Earlan B. Campbell Memorial Ride and Pioneers Reunion, a hearty group paused to recall the early days of snowmobiling when the sport was young and trails were, well, not invented yet.


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