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There are several options to join Northern Timber Cruisers.

Step 1: complete the application below. Upon submission, you will automatically be directed to Step 2 where you can pay online if you'd like. Or, you can submit the online application and send in a check. Alternatively, you can download and print an application to mail in with your membership dues. Whichever combination of application and payment you use, we'll send your membership materials upon receipt of your application and payment.

ATV Maine

Northern Timber Cruisers
2024 Membership Online Application

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Existing ATV Maine Member
Existing MSA Member
How will you pay your membership dues?
Membership Application pdf
ATV Maine

Northern Timber Cuisers
2024 Membership Application

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Would like to print, fill out and mail in your application instead? You can either mail it in with a check or pay online.

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